About Copiam

COPIAM is a widely respected chemicals distributor with a global reach and a great deal of expertise in emerging markets such as Africa, the Mena region and the Middle East. As one of the most respected chemical distribution companies, we are known for our ability to deliver reliably anywhere in the world. We have a vast and ever-growing customer network which stretches across several continents.

Chemical products are sourced from leading chemical manufacturers all over the world. This allows us to offer a comprehensive product portfolio – consistently, reliably and with full transparency up and down the supply chain. We supply a broad range of specialty chemicals, raw materials and APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) applicable to multiple market segments. A ‘one stop shop model’ makes wholesale chemical sourcing time and cost efficient for our partners.


COPIAM offers a broad range of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical ingredients) that cover different therapeutic classes

Our mission

We at COPIAM aim to become the chemical distribution partner of choice for manufacturers all over the world. Our customers’ interests and reputations are our highest priority. We work to protect them by our own continuous improvement. We continually work to identify new products and sources as part of our commitment to bring innovation to our entire customer network. We give flexibility, reliability and professionalism needed to fuel growth and market

How we work

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